Services offered by the Research Depository

The Research Depository of Furnishings in the Plasy monastery works in a different way than conventional heritage sites. We make individual collections of castles, châteaus, and monasteries in the Pilsen Region accessible for research on appointment.

The study room of the Research Depository of Furnishings in Plasy offers you the opportunity to study the furnishing items stored in the Depository. You can access the objects themselves, as well as historical furnishing records related to them (technical description and photographic documentation).

At present, the Depository has about 7000 items of furnishings from castles, châteaus, and monasteries in the Pilsen Region managed by the National Heritage Institute (Heritage Administration in České Budějovice).

The furnishings of these sites include collections of historical porcelain and glassware, furniture, textiles, paintings, and other types of items, which teach us about the historical eras and life at noble estates and monasteries from the Renaissance to the 20th century. The furnishings of Pilsen castles, châteaus, and monasteries also include a number of complete collections, which present the equipment of individual noble households, such as the House of Lažanský in Manětín, House of Metternich in Kynžvart and Plasy, House of Windisgrätz in Kladruby etc.


Furnishings stored in the Depository:

  • Plasy monastery
  • Kaceřov château
  • Horšovský Týn château
  • Kladruby monastery
  • Rabí castle
  • Švihov castle
  • Nebílovy château
  • Červené Poříčí château
  • Velhartice castle
  • Central depository of furnishings

The main mission of the Depository is:

  • to create optimal conditions for the storage of furnishings, which have not been included in the exhibitions at castles and châteaus, or are not suitable for display due to their condition;
  • to be active in the field of preventive conservation and conservation, develop the field and assist other heritage sites.

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