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The research depository of furnishings in the Plasy monastery develops and fosters activities related to the preservation of movable cultural heritage.

We make our furnishings available to expert researchers and students: they can access records and publications, as well as the furnishings as such.

We engage in preventive conservation practices and technical management of the depository, from record-keeping to manual work with the furnishings. We also focus on deepening the professional art-historical and cultural-historical arrangement of the furnishings in context and in relation to their surroundings.

We offer methodological assistance in preventive furnishing conservation to other historical sites (not only those managed by the National Heritage Institute), and occasionally hold seminars and workshops for the staff of historical sites.

We try to raise awareness of movable cultural heritage preservation as a field; we work with students and children and take part in selected projects of cultural heritage animation and education about cultural heritage.



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