Studijní depozitář Plasy

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Programmes for students and schools

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Work with white gloves – Educational workshop for children and students in the Plasy Repository

Special workshops for high school and university students of arts, applied arts, handicrafts, library science, and humanities. The workshop can also be adjusted for pupils of the 6th to 9th grade of primary school. The workshop must be booked in advance.

The session takes 60–90 minutes according to the teacher's preferences.

The workshop includes:

  • A guided tour of the Research Repository, normally closed to visitors, with the curator. The tour will teach the students about the work in a repository, and movable cultural heritage preservation.
  • Demonstrations and explanation of tangible cultural heritage preservation, from preventive care to restoration.
  • Explanation of the movable cultural heritage preservation system, and the history of furnishings in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Presentation of contemporary record-keeping.

The workshop can be connected with one of the tours of the Plasy monastery.

Programmes for children – the Stretti Gallery animation programme

The Stretti Gallery animation programme, led by an instructor, uses the works of art displayed in the Stretti Gallery to explore the topic of dream and the vision of reality. During 60–90 minutes, the children will try to interpret the content and meaning of several works of art and use the common experience to delve into the art language of fine arts motives.

The Stretti Gallery is on display in the renovated parts of the convent. The Stretti family is closely connected to this place. Doctor Karel Stretti was a doctor to the House of Metternich, the former owners of the estate, and all the other descendants of the Stretti family are connected to Plasy and visit it regularly. They are mainly a family of painters. Several members of the Stretti family are also authors of a number of paintings depicting the monastery and its surroundings, and some of them contributed to the restoration of the fresco decorations in the convent and the abbot's residence. This gallery is rarely visited, even though it can be remarkably useful not only for school education, but also as a tourist attraction for the public, mainly families with children, which is how the monastery staff decided to use it.